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About Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) & the Boston Scientific Difference

SCS therapy can help manage chronic pain — even when other therapies have failed.  SCS therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of people and is:

  • Proven safe and effective
  • FDA-approved for adults with chronic pain of the trunk and/or lower limbs
  • Offers proven pain management
  • Covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and most workers' compensation programs

How SCS Works

While SCS is leading-edge technology, it's actually not as complicated as it seems. Your nerves and brain are constantly communicating with each other. And when you feel pain, it's because those nerves are sending a pain signal to your brain. That's where SCS therapy comes in — SCS masks the pain signals coming from your lower back or legs from reaching your brain.

What defines SCS success?

SCS is generally considered effective:

  • If your pain is reduced by at least 50%
  • If you are able to get back to your daily activities
  • If your need for pain medication is reduced
  • If you're able to relax and sleep better

SCS Works to Interrupt Pain Impulses Before They Reach the Brain

With SCS, a small implanted pulse generator (or IPG) and thin wires (known as leads) are placed into the body. To manage your pain, the leads deliver tiny pulses to the nerves that mask pain signals traveling to the brain. Some patients say SCS feels like a gentle tingling or fluttering sensation that replaces the pain. The medical term for this is "paresthesia". But the feeling is different for everyone — and people differ in the amount of pain relief they receive with SCS therapy.

Boston Scientific SCS Systems are designed to tailor stimulation to target your specific pain areas.

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The Boston Scientific Difference

Boston Scientific is a leader in the field of SCS — dedicated to helping patients manage pain. The world's first SCS system with 32 contacts and 32 dedicated power sources, the Precision Spectra™ Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) System is designed to provide unprecedented pain coverage, more flexibility, and advanced stimulation control. The Precision Spectra System is engineered to provide more pain relief to a broader spectrum of people with chronic pain.

Boston Scientific SCS Systems are designed to help maintain your therapy over time. Our advanced technology helps adapt the stimulation, which may help maintain the therapy that your physician prescribes.

The Boston Scientific SCS Systems

The Boston Scientific Precision™ SCS Systems

Dare to Compare

We invite you to compare Boston Scientific SCS to other SCS systems.

  • Completely wireless systems — Boston Scientific SCS Systems offer wireless remotes and chargers for the trial and permanent systems. The remotes are easy to use and designed to put control at your fingertips — allowing you to adjust stimulation to fit your varying needs. Our systems also have a wireless on-the-go charger. Without any wires or cords, this discreet charger fits under your clothing and will allow you to charge at your convenience, even when you are on the go.
  • Precise pain-targeting technology and up to 32 sources of stimulation — Only Boston Scientific features the SmoothWave™ Technology designed to provide greater stimulation control and flexibility to manage your specific pain needs. With SmoothWave Technology, you can control the stimulation in increments as small as a human hair with up to 32 independent sources of stimulation (contacts), allowing for more focused pain targeting. With Boston Scientific systems, each and every contact has its own dedicated power source, allowing you to move the stimulation to pinpoint pain as it changes. Compare this to other systems, which only have one power source that drives all 16 stimulation points.
  • Innovative Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) — Boston Scientific SCS systems have small rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery options that provides pulses to relieve your pain. Our innovative IPG uses the Illumina 3D™ Algorithm, a proprietary advanced software program, to precisely target your pain.
  • Unlimited battery depletion — Boston Scientific SCS Systems are designed to last and are the only SCS systems with ZeroVolt Technology. This gives you the ability to completely deplete and then recharge without harm or degradation to the battery. We are so confident in our battery technology, we offer a warranty that is not voided by over-discharge of the battery.

Seeing is Believing

All SCS systems are not the same. See for yourself by comparing the Precision Spectra and Precision Montage against other SCS systems.


Spinal Cord Stimulation and Your Imaging Options

With SCS, there are numerous imaging options available to meet your needs. We’ve put together some information with the goal of helping you make the right decisions.

Get an overview of some of the more commonly used medical imaging technologies, learn the difference between MR Safe and MR Conditional, and more.

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The History of SCS & Boston Scientific Innovation

The history of SCS is not a straight timeline — there is actually a split when the technology changed. Early SCS technology was based on pacemaker technology. In the 90's, the cochlear implant was invented, which advanced neurostimulation even further. Compared to pacemakers that had one power source that gave timed broad pulses of stimulation, cochlear implant technology was designed to stimulate individual tiny hearing cells in the ear to restore hearing to people who are deaf. Cochlear implants had dedicated power sources for each contact to allow independent control of stimulation, which is substantially more precise than a pacemaker. This was a breakthrough in technology that created a different type of SCS — a more advanced SCS. And this is the technology Boston Scientific SCS Systems were built from.

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The Patient Ambassador Program lets you connect with people who have chronic pain and use a Boston Scientific SCS System to treat it.

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